What to Look for When Test Driving

Whether you’re buying a new or pre-owned car, a test drive is important. It’s the part of the car-buying process that will help you narrow vehicles down to the one you drive away in. While there are some obvious factors to consider when test driving a used vehicle, there are also those you might not think of that apply to test driving a new car, too. Check out a few of ours before your next test drive:

Does the vehicle fit your passenger and cargo needs?

If you’re buying something smaller like a sedan but still need a certain amount of room, test out the vehicle’s spaciousness before you get behind the wheel. Sit in all seats and make sure you have ample legroom and check out the trunk area. If you have small children, consider bringing a car seat along with you to see how well it fits into the car you’re considering.

Is the vehicle easy to handle and maneuver?

One mistake a lot of test drivers make is sticking to the dealership parking lot. If you do this, you won’t get a true feel for how the vehicle handles turns and various roads. Go further than the dealership and take the car on a test drive to some areas you frequent, like your work, children’s schools, or even the grocery store, if they’re within a reasonable distance from the dealership.

Are you comfortable in the driver’s seat?

Being comfortable in the driver’s seat is probably one of the most important requirements for a vehicle you’re thinking about buying. Take the time to adjust the seat and mirrors to your liking as soon as you climb into the car. Look around you and note where the important controls are, play with the infotainment system, and see where you might place things you take on your drives, such as your cell phone or sunglasses. Taking the time to do these steps will help you see if you can imagine yourself driving the car every day.

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