vs. Ford Fusion

We have competitively priced, high quality vehicles to choose from a Murray Mazda. With the wide range of sedans on the market, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect car. The Mazda6 got an interior and exterior refresh and introduced a turbocharged 2.5L four-cylinder option. The power every driver dreams of in a sedan is finally here!

Find out why it’s a great car and see how it compares to its competitor the 2018 Ford Fusion below.




Engine – In addition to the turbocharged option, the 2.5L 4-cylinder engine is standard. Choose from a 6-speed automatic transmission or a manual transmission on the Touring and Sport trim. The turbocharged engine, however, is only available with an automatic transmission. This sedan has a maximum horsepower of 250.

Fuel Economy – As for fuel efficiency, the Mazda6 boasts overall great gas mileage across its transmissions.

  • Turbo Automatic: 23 City/31 Hwy MPG
  • Automatic six-speed: 26 City/35 Hwy MPG
  • Manual: 24 City/34 Hwy MPG

Whatever transmission you opt for, you’ll get an impressive gas mileage!

Safety – The 2018 model includes safety features such as a blind spot monitoring system, 360-degree view monitor, frontal and side airbags, safety brake pedal system, and more!

2018 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion

Engine - This year, the Ford Fusion keeps the same engine as the 2017 model and remains with the five trim options. You will see a 2.5L four-cylinder engine getting up to 175 horsepower. One of the trims can be paired with a turbo engine getting up to 181 horsepower. Even with possible poor acceleration, it’s still a reliable car great for commuting.

Fuel – You will get 23 City and 34 Hwy MPG for the regular Ford Fusion models. The only downfall is if you decide to focus on the slightly better gas mileage, you lose safety features you would have gotten in the Mazda6. Read below to find out more.

Safety – Rear monitor, lane departure warning system, rearview camera, and more safety features are included. Many of the safety features that are standard on the Mazda6 are optional for the Fusion. This means the MSRP goes up depending on how many features are chosen.

Feel the speed and get the pricing you’re looking for. The friendly staff at Murray Mazda will provide information at your convenience. Stop by today to test drive the Mazda6! You can also call us at 570-546-2222 to set up an appointment.